Invisiplug Powerbars Camouflage Themselves With Your Hardwood Floor


There are areas of your home that don’t look quite as polished as others. For instance, near your workdesk you’ll normally find a bunch of surge protectors or powerbars that you’d love to be able to conceal, but would require much too much work to do so. So you just let them be and pretend they’re not there. But what about the Invisiplug pictured above? They’re a range of surge protectors with a hardwood laminate finish, designed to blend in and camouflage with whatever kind of wooden floor you already have. They come in 3 “colors”: Light Natural, Medium Cherry & Dark Oak. The version with two USB ports is $30, while the one without is just $20. That’s a small price to make your home just a tiny bit more harmonious.

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