Invision Q7, Bluetooth Headset With Bone Conduction

bluetooth bone conduction headset

By David Ponce

Yeah, so I guess I’d have to get used to the idea that the best method for me to get heard when using a Bluetooth headset would be by inserting a flexible piece of rubber proboscis into my ear. Right, because you see, that’s how you get to wear a bone conducting Bluetooth headset, like the Invisio Q7.

Why should you care about bone conduction, you ask? Well, it seems that this is just about the best way to isolate your voice, over whatever auditory mayhem you might find yourself in. Doesn’t matter if you’re facing your significant other belting yet another one of her loud diatribes, or sitting next to a racing F1 car, the headset will only pick your voice out. Of course, that doesn’t meant that you‘ll be able to hear it properly, but that’s another story.

The unit is set to come out by the end of the year, and will be available at all Radio Shacks. It is made by Danish Nextlink and according to one early tester, doesn’t feel weird at all.

[NextLink] VIA [SciFi Tech]

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