Inventionland Looks Like The Greatest Place On Earth To Work – So I Wonder What The Horrible Secret Is

Inventionland (Images courtesy Inventionland)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sometimes things are just too good to be true, and looking at the photos of Inventionland I can’t help but think that what looks like the perfect place to work for creative types actually harbors some terrible, terrible secret. Created by George Davison, Inventionland’s employees are responsible for over 2,000 inventions every year, and in order to keep their creative juices flowing he created this 70,000 square foot office amusement park complete with 16 different themed areas including a pirate ship, tree house, castle and a giant robot.

Inventionland (Images courtesy Inventionland)

There’s about 90 photos of their offices on the Inventionland’s Flickr photostream if you really want to check out their digs, and while it really does look like a fun place to work, I can’t help but feel it could get a little maddening after a while. And the fact that most of the employees walk around and work in white labcoats is a little unsettling.

[ Inventionland (Warning: unavoidable disturbing music) ] VIA [ I New Idea ]

4 thoughts on “Inventionland Looks Like The Greatest Place On Earth To Work – So I Wonder What The Horrible Secret Is”

  1. With all that water, it has to be the constant smell of chlorine. My “what I did this summer” essays were always more creative after spending a summer at the pool.

  2. looks amazing! I'm guessing the catch might be “but you get slightly less than minimum wage…and no dental. But please! go enjoy cupcake land before you work 17hours today”


  3. What's the horrible secret? Looks like a great place to work in. With this kind of theme park in your office. I bet it's equal to the stress that these people feel every year. Great looking place though. Employees don't need to go far to unwind. The only thing missing here is a bar that opens at night or at fridays. lol

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