Intimidate Your Camping Buddies With The BBQ Sword

By Luke Anderson

When I go camping, there aren’t usually a lot of foods that we can cook, and the ones we can are usually prepared by holding them on sticks over an open flame. Being in the great outdoors, we usually just use a branch from a nearby tree, or one of those fancy roasting sticks. However, if you want to be a bit of a show-off next time you’re around a campfire, you should pick up the BBQ Sword.

This product isn’t any more useful than any other roasting stick, however, it is much cooler. As you would imagine from the name it is shaped much like a fencing sword. What’s more is that they also include a mask such as the one Zorro would wear. Despite the lack of extra functionality, I would definitely take one of these to my next camp-out.

[ Firebox ] VIA [ GearFuse ]