Interpolation Gone Wild: 3 Turns To 12

han shing interpolation

By David Ponce

Interpolation on a digital camera is like a padded bra on a girl: it’s all fun and games until you get down to business. But of course, you already knew that, and made sure to stay away from both. I’m only mentioning this because the HS-DC338A from Han Shing has the dubious distinction of perhaps being the digicam with the most ridiculous interpolation figure: 3.1 MP turns into (get this) 12MP! That’s like meeting an A cup gal wearing a DD bra.

Aside from my stupid analogy and the interpolation figures, the rest of the camera’s figures are vanilla. 32MB internal, SD slot, 2 inch TFT, etc. And, with a clever numerical name like HS-DC338A, and the word “Logo” slapped on the front, chances are you’ll be seeing this baby rebranded all over the place.

[Han Shing’s HS-DC338A] VIA [Mobile Mag]

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