InterFlight Studio – Furniture For Aviation Fans

InterFlight Studios Furniture (Images courtesy InterFlight Studio)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you know someone who’s an aviation enthusiast and also has an unfurnished house or apartment then you might want to have them take a look at some of the items created by InterFlight Studio. The company makes a wide variety of aviation-inspired pieces but I particularly like their collection of tables which are all made with actual parts from planes and even bombs.

The piece on the left is called the ‘F4 Phantom Table’ because the table’s base is made from afterburner cans apparently salvaged from decommissioned F4 Phantom jets. The piece on the right is called the ‘Stator Blade Table’ and sitting on top of a carved wooden base is a stator fan blade taken from a Boeing 727 engine. The furniture will probably make for some good conversation pieces too as long as your friends or guests share your interest in aviation, otherwise be prepared for some long stares.

[InterFlight Studio Table Collection] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]