Instructables – Make Your Own Iron Man Arc Reactor

How to make an Iron Man Arc Reactor (Images courtesy Instructables)
By Andrew Liszewski

At the moment there are a few different tutorials on Instructables for making your own arc reactor as worn by the Tony Stark character in Iron Man. Of course by the time Hallowe’en rolls around I’m sure that number will grow dramatically, but this particular tutorial by Instructables member msraynsford will be tough to beat. Like with most of the cooler tutorials on that site, making your own arc reactor requires a bit of doing including molding some polymorph plastic as well as wiring up and soldering a set of surface mount white LEDs. But as you can see the final results are very convincing, particularly when hidden behind a shirt.

On a side note, given the amount of Iron Man merchandise that came out alongside the movie, I’m surprised no one has made a light-up shirt like the T-Qualizer that mimics the arc reactor effect. So if you’re a t-shirt manufacturer who makes those electroluminescent panel shirts, you’re free to use my idea, just send me one when it goes on sale. I’m sure Marvel will be cool with it.

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  1. There is actually a few shirts out there. There is also a glow in the dark. Im too lazy to link it. Sorry.

    Oh, and I hate your guts too!

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