Inside An Emirates A380

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By Evan Ackerman

When the gigantihugenormous Airbus A380 was still in the prototype and demonstration phase, there were all kinds of wild ideas about what manifestations opulence would get stuffed inside its belly. The interior of the production A380 has been toned down a bit, of course, but that hasn’t stopped Emirates Airlines from including sleeper berths, showers, lounge areas, and wet bars (I say “bars” because there are two on the plane). More pics from some lucky sod who probably spent more money on that flight than I’ve made in, uh, ever, after the jump.

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And coach? Still coach:

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Because you can’t really enjoy your flight in first class without a bunch of unhappy people on the lower deck.

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6 thoughts on “Inside An Emirates A380”

  1. Emirates has free flow of booze in economy too Evan. They only cut you off once you pass out from drunkedness or make a drunk nuisance of your self [ been there done that on both counts unfortunately 🙁 ] Only champagne is chargable.

  2. I see the guy with the fancy watch still has to read his own book. Where are all of the cute flight attendents to read to him when he's too drunk to see straight? Emirates doesn't have everything, even if they have more than others.

    I'd still enjoy a free ride if that's December's giveaway. I'd even take pictures and write a nice posting about it.

  3. Ahhh that looks so nice. I wish someone would give me a sit up stairs in the comfy bed like seats. That's just sick, the room and services available. The last line of the article is so true too.

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