Innovative Pizza Advertising

Papa John's Pizza Flier (Image courtesy The Raw Feed)
By Andrew Liszewski

Ok so this doesn’t exactly score high marks in the gadget department but in terms of design and innovation it definitely ranks up there on the list. From ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi this new take on the pizza flier is sure to get noticed as long as you glance out your peephole that is.

Looking at the second image there I can only assume that Papa John’s is hoping the novelty of the flier is enough to distract people from the sticker that has been semi-permanently adhered to their nicely finished front door. And thinking back to my many trips to Vegas and the ‘variety’ of fliers that were stuck to my motel door each night promoting local ‘freelancers’ I can only begin to imagine how this idea will be adopted by others.

[Papa John’s Innovative Pizza Flier VIA The Raw Feed]

8 thoughts on “Innovative Pizza Advertising”

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  4. Actually, I find it to be a clever ad, and I would be more inclined to buy from them due to the novelty of it. Though I’m really more impressed by the ad agency than the ad itself. In any case, I’d be better influenced by this than some mass-market flyer shoved under my door, this shows some thought was put into the ad.

  5. I just don’t like people coming around and putting things ON MY HOUSE. If I hear someone on my porch messing with my door I’d be inclined to ring the police.

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