Inkless Metal Pen

Inkless Metal Pen (Images courtesy Grand Illusions)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of using ink the tip of this Metal Pen from Grand Illusions is made from a special metal alloy that leaves a mark on most types of paper. The website suggests it works best on the type of stock used in photocopiers and printers so I can only assume the more porous or rough the paper is the better this metal pen will work.

The technique of using a metal ‘nib’ to write on paper has apparently been around since Da Vinci’s time where he presumably used it to write his special code. And unlike a pencil the tip of this metal pen will take years to wear down but of course when it does you’ll probably need to get your hands on a pencil sharpener with a diamond edged blade. It’s too bad this thing couldn’t have surfaced before Christmas since it would have made for a great stocking stuffer for the family, gift for your office co-workers or shiv for that uncle spending the holidays in prison.

The Metal Pen is available from Grand Illusions for about $30.

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4 thoughts on “Inkless Metal Pen”

  1. Hey, this is pretty cool, but instead of buying a $30 inkless pen, why not just spend the $30 on a jumbo box of pencils? Which, even if you write letters in pencil instead of email, will last you for many years beyond the inkless pen.

    Whatever, food for thought. I won’t lie, I’d buy it.

  2. I wonder what the melting point is. I?d get one for my car if it wouldn?t melt. I?m sick of pens breaking down in the summer heat. I poked around on the linked page but couldn?t find any real data on it.

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