Infusion, Listen to Internet Radio, Without the Computer

infusionAustralian company Torian is planning to make an MP3 player / FM radio receiver / news-sport-weather ticker-tape banner… uh, device that can connect to the internet without the intermediary of a computer. It uses 802.11b/g WiFi technology to connect to wireless hotspots, and performs computerized wizardy to magically find said radio feeds.

It does not however seem to come with memory of its own, sadly preferring to leave that task up to you, in the form of a slot for a memory card of undetermined format. It’s kind of fugly, and there’s no word on price, as, I imagine, it’s not quite yet in production… but well, hey, it gets internet radio without the computer. That’s cool, right?

Now, please understand. There was alcohol in my decanting bottle, and as a result my mental abilities are somewhat, uh, diminished. To me, this seems like a neat idea. But you know something? I don’t know anything.

Go to the website here and make up your own damn minds. Story VIA Gizmag.