Inflatable GoCrib Lets You Easily Detain Your Infant Anywhere

Inflatable GoCrib (Image courtesy Guava Family)
By Andrew Liszewski

Collapsible strollers and cribs are truly modern marvels of engineering, but at the same time they often need someone with an engineering degree to set up or break down. Not the GoCrib from a company called Guava Family though. If you can blow up a balloon then you’ve got the necessary skills to set up this crib. Now any kid who had a blow-up house or fort knows they’re as stable as a house of cards, but the GoCrib apparently has special “rigid inflation technology” and a wide stance so that when inflated it’s sturdy and pretty much impossible to tip over. It comes with a manual air pump and a pressure gauge so you know when you’ve filled it enough, and when deflated the whole kit weighs just 11 lbs and can be crammed into a very compact backpack carrying case. $249.99 available directly from the Guava Family website.

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