Infitinte USB Is The Modular USB Cable That Never Runs Out Of Ports

Infitinte USB Is The Modular USB Cable That Never Runs Out Of Ports


You plug a USB cable into your computer, and that’s it for that port: it’s used up and is no longer available. But what if the cable you’re plugging has a port of it own? This means that you could plug yet another cable in, and if that other cable is an Infinite USB cable, then you’ll still have a port free. Matter of fact, you could do this indefinitely, and just keep plugging more and more cables as you require them, creating a modular and expandable USB hub. That’s the premise for the Infinite USB cables, and it’s a cool idea.

The cable is short (8 inches) and isn’t meant to tether your devices from a distance. It’s got a magnetic plug that allows it to fold back on itself for easy transport. And the best part is there is a USB-C version in the works, which could make your life with the new MacBook a lot easier.

It’s a $12 pledge for a MicroUSB and $14 for a Lightning version, with shipping in June.




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6 thoughts on “Infitinte USB Is The Modular USB Cable That Never Runs Out Of Ports”

  1. This is how USB-C should be set up, but not just for USB ports but also with all of the various adapters you can use, like video, etc.

  2. It very much depends on the device providing the power, but the new spec allows for 500 to 900ma. (most flash drives draw around 50ma)

  3. This solution is like fashion, the same crap comes around every some years. There are a lot of problems like if you move your notebook one inch everything disconnects. So its a far more unreliable way of connecting gadgets. Better spend your money in a decent USB hub. And of course there is a power limit.

  4. while it looks nice and love to have it… the problem i always found with connecting USB hubs is that they run out of power. (where you get the black usb symbol with a yellow caution sign) does this cable config for that?

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