Inebriator is a Robotic Bartender that Mixes Drinks on Command


Some robots were meant to scare people while others were created to provide people with companionship (but really, when will people learn that live pets just can’t be replaced with robotic ones?) And then there’s the awesome and amazing robot that has been programmed to mix drinks and cocktails on command to serve thirsty crowds at the party.

It’s called the¬†Inebriator and it’s a cocktail-mixing machine that uses an Arduino microcontroller to do the deed. It’s pre-programmed with 15 drink recipes so you and your guests are bound to find something you’d like on the menu. It’s not for sale though, so if you want it, you’re going to have to build your own.

Check out a clip of the Inebriator in action after the jump.

VIA [ New Launches ]