Industrial Strength GSM Cell Phone Jammer


By Evan Ackerman

Cell phone are a necessary evil, we all know that. But what is just evil, and not at all necessary, is the behavior of people on cell phones in public. Now, you could just politely ask them to shut up and go away, or instead you could buy this gigantic cell phone jammer and shut them up all by yourself. With 45 watts of output power, it’ll block cell phone transmissions within an up to 400 foot (!) radius. The included antennas are highly directional, which means you can target specific people to disable their phones and and probably give them 10 different kinds of cancer at the same time while still using your phone just fine.

The Super Power GSM Cellular Jammer weighs about 27 pounds and includes 4 cooling fans to keep it running 24/7. I’d almost be willing to lug a couple car batteries around to keep this bad boy powered up while I’m on public transit… Plus a shotgun for those pesky CDMA users. It’s $3655.

Oh, and if it matters to you, cell phone jamming and shooting people who use Verizon are both probably illegal.

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