Industrial Dice Rolling Machine

By Evan Ackerman

Here at OhGizmo, when we need some random numbers, we depend on things like atmospheric noise or radioactive decay. But such empirical randomness isn’t good enough for people who play certain online games… They need to know that actual, physical dice are being rolled somewhere. And that’s where this machine comes in:

The machine is capable of rolling a staggering 1.3 million dice every 24 hours. As much as I hate to admit it, as an old school GURPS/D&D nerd I kinda like the idea of having a physical die being rolled somewhere, although actually rolling them myself is part of the appeal of gaming. But maybe that’s just because I have lots of pretty dice.

Specifically, these dice are being rolled for games like Backgammon and clones of Risk and Axis & Allies (an old favorite of mine). You can play them over at GamesByEmail.

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