Inductive Tank & Truck Toe The Line

Inductive Tank & Truck (Images courtesy &
By Andrew Liszewski

Whether you’re into building things or destroying them there’s a version of these ‘inductive’ toys for you. Now there seems to be a bit of a mystery as to why they’re referred to as ‘inductive’ but the basic idea here is that you draw a line on any flat surface with a black felt tip marker and the vehicle will follow it.

The secret behind the amazing following action is a couple of photoreceptors underneath each vehicle which are able to tell the difference between the light and dark areas. So for optimal performance you’re better off to draw your lines on a nice white countertop or tile floor. Seems like the perfect gift for any child.

The Inductive Tank is available from for $11.97 while the Truck version is a bit harder to find but should be similarly priced.

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4 thoughts on “Inductive Tank & Truck Toe The Line”

  1. “Seems like the perfect gift for any child” – or adult. I could see myself playing with this for hours on end. I wonder what happens when the lines you draw overlap? man you could even draw train tracks as watch them go round and round all day…

  2. I got one for my nephew, and I asked my wife if I should order another. She said that for $11 it would make a great gift for a 33-year-old child that was siting at the desk next to hers (me). Made me laugh, but I still didn’t get another.

    What if the little dude decides to draw lines on the kitchen floor, counter, dinner table, etc? Will my sis forgive me? Or will I have to sufferthe ignominy of having to scrub the lines clean?

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