Indiana Jones Electronic FX Whip

Indiana Jones Electronic Sound FX Whip (Image courtesy Entertainment Earth)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though the Indiana Jones films were Lucasfilm productions, I don’t remember the original 3 featuring as extensive a marketing or product tie-in push as the Star Wars films did. But it seems they’re going to make up for that with the 4th Indiana Jones film that’s set to hit theaters in less than a month. In the same way that Star Wars fans can buy toy replicas of nearly every single lightsaber seen in those movies, Indiana Jones fans can now get themselves a toy version of Indy’s most famous accessory. (No, not his hat.)

This three foot soft whip features a plastic handle that not only plays authentic whip-cracking sound effects as you swing it around, but also the well-known Indiana Jones theme music. (aka The Raiders March) There’s a switch on the handle for turning the sounds on and off, and it even features a carrying strap for attaching it to your belt so it’s always close at hand. I’m sure there’ll also be actual whip replicas available for sale at some point, but this version is probably a lot safer if you’ve never used a whip before.

You can get it from Entertainment Earth sometime in May for $26.99.

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