In Stereo, Creating Live Stereograms from your Webcam

This is a little bit of free software written by Jeremy Newton, a graphic designer from Brooklyn.

I’m sure you must have come across stereograms before. They’re those pictures that you’re supposed to cross your eyes a certain way, pray to Jeevus and frown real hard at in order to be able to see a three dimensional image. Well, Jeremy’s made an application that lets you turn regular flat 2-D video into a live stereographic (3-D) video. Three dimensional video that doesn’t require special glasses or anything. It’s great! Except of course, you won’t get color or anything. But still…

Now, it’s not just any footage. You have to have some still background, which is then used as a frame of reference. This is ideal for webcams, which are usually pointed in one direction.

The software is free. The only problem is that it’s only available for Macs at the moment, though a Windows version is in the works.

You can download the file here. The website is here.