In-Dash Eclipse AVN2210p mkII Stereo Features Removeable TomTom GPS Unit

Eclipse AVN2210p mkII (Image courtesy Eclipse)
By Andrew Liszewski

While they lack some of the fancier features of integrated GPS units, I like the fact that standalone GPS devices are not limited to only being used while you’re driving in your car. However it looks like Eclipse has taken the ‘best of both worlds’ approach with their AVN2210p mkII stereo/navigation system. It has a factory-fit in-dash appearance when installed, which I’ll admit looks a lot better than a suction cup mount stuck to the windshield. But the best part is the TomTom GPS navigation unit that can actually be removed like a stereo faceplate, allowing you to use it outside your vehicle.

Of course Eclipse didn’t stop there. The AVN2210p mkII has all the features you’d expect in a modern stereo including support for MP3s, WMAs, iPod integration including full remote control, hands-free bluetooth calling options, an optional satellite radio tuner and even a USB port for connecting flash drives full of music. Also, using the term ‘mkII’ for the second generation of anything is considerably cooler than just saying ‘version 2’ so extra points there as well.

You can find the Eclipse AVN2210p mkII on Amazon for $599.99.

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2 thoughts on “In-Dash Eclipse AVN2210p mkII Stereo Features Removeable TomTom GPS Unit”

  1. I have one, and it’s a decent HU. The sound is great, the navigation is great, but some of the audio controls are a little “meh.” My biggest disappointment is that the newly compatible XM tuner (CNP2000UC) seems to be limited to a display of 9 characters. MP3s and iPod information aren’t limited to so few, so I don’t see why XM would be…

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