iMuffs Cut The Headphone Cord But Probably Won’t Keep Your Ears Warm

iMuffs MB210 (Image courtesy Wi-Gear)
By Andrew Liszewski

Despite the product name, iMuffs are unfortunately not designed to keep your ears warm, which is unfortunate given that many of us have already seen the thermometer drop well before the freezing mark. They will however allow you to listen to your iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Photo, iPod Touch, iPod Mini and all 3rd generation iPods without having an annoying headphone cable dangling from your head. You will need to attach the iMuffs Bluetooth transmitter to your iPod since they lack that connectivity by default, but once paired you’ll be able to stash your MP3 player in your pocket while still controlling volume and playback via the headphones themselves.

The iMuffs can also be paired with a Bluetooth equipped smartphone, and include a built-in echo and noise canceling mic allowing you to make calls in-between listening to your music. Their built-in battery can be recharged via USB, and provides a decent play time of about 16 hours. The iMuffs MB210 are available in black or white, and can be bought directly from the Wi-Gear online store for $129.99.

[ Wi-Gear iMuffs MB210 ]

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