Improve Your Singing in Private With The Utaet Silent Karaoke Mic

How many times have you gone out on a Friday night with a group of friends to bar that your friend swears ‘has the best wings’ and get suckered into singing a version of Don’t Stop Believing that makes Steve Perry sound like Gilbert Gottfried? Well, no longer do you have to be the laughing stock of your friends with the Utaet Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic.

This funnel shaped hose allows you to sing your little heart out by reducing your singing volume by up to 70%. It does this with a highly advanced mono-directional microphone and a noise cancelling triple-driver earpiece for perfect playback, nah I’m just kidding, It’s actually just a funnel and a tube that hooks into your ear.

Hey, if you want to practice that badly, then who am I to stop you? Oh wait, it cost $81, plus $20 shipping? Never mind just have a shot of Jaeger before you go up and make fun of your friends before they rip on your performance. “Oh, my singing is bad, Lisa? Well, you make poor financial decisions.”

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