Imation’s 4GB Micro Hard Drive

By David Ponce

Smart product design does the horizontal-polka with a 4GB microdrive? Sounds like they had fun, and this is their offspring.

I, for one, would love to adopt.

The 4GB Micro Hard Drive, from Imation has a flexible USB connector that locks back into the drive, turning it into a padlock of sorts. It’s easy to hang off your belt loop or your keychain. Once plugged into your computer’s USB drive, it’ll transfer data at 5MB/3MB read/write speeds, with 128bit encryption (optional) and no need for extra power. It’s also quite small, at 1.61in x .66in x 3.3in.

Matter of fact, the design is so cool, the drive has also won the coveted 2006 Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the CEA.

Yours for $190.

[Imation’s Micro Hard Drive] VIA [Mobilewhack]