iLoad A Bunch Of Crap? You Decide

By David Ponce

The company iLoad has been lambasted in the past for making products many people claim are, well, pretty crappy. What’s more, the owner, one Sanford Schupper, 56, is quite possibly a fraudster who allegedly swindled some family for as much as $872,000. For more on this hilarity, read this.

The point is, this guy made a little gadget called the iLoad, whose only point was to rip CDs directly to an iPod. And now, he’s released the iLoad-v which (you guessed it), loads videos directly to your video iPod. The $150 device

connects to your cable TV or catellite (sic) box and records your content onto an iPod and/or external USB drive or flash disk

Seeing as this is coming from a company owned by what seems to be a very strange individual, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t just get an equally priced Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 instead.

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