iLive Clock Radio Dock (Image courtesy Seventh Avenue)

iLive’s Clock Radio Dock Cleverly Increases The iPhone’s Time Display

iLive Clock Radio Dock (Image courtesy Seventh Avenue)
By Andrew Liszewski

Having trouble seeing the time from afar when using your smartphone as an alarm clock? For the most part, iPhone alarm clock apps use a digital time display that’s larger and brighter than your traditional alarm clock hardware. But you know how people can be. You give ’em an inch, and they take a mile. So if the iPhone’s display still isn’t big enough for you to read in the middle of the night, iLive’s Clock Radio Dock certainly will be.

Instead of a digital display, the iLive uses your iPhone as the hands, and the number 12, for a traditional analog clock face. Admittedly the hour, minute and second hands generated by the free accompanying app are a little on the small side, kind of negating the size advantage of the larger clock face. But I’ll still give them points for originality. As alarm clocks go it’s as functional as one would need, with dual alarms that can wake you to music, the radio or a beeping sounds. It’s also got a sleep timer and snooze function, a full function remote and can be yours for just $49.99.

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