Ikonoskop A-cam dII Digital Motion Picture Camera Skips The Compression (Hooray!)

Ikonoskop A-cam dII (Image courtesy Ikonoskop)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think it’s impressive that many consumer and prosumer digital video cameras can record a 1920×1080 high-def signal onto a commonly available miniDV cassette tape, but that convenience comes at the cost of your footage being highly compressed, which kind of sucks, particularly if you’re the type who likes to do a lot of post-processing. So Ikonoskop, who is already known for their 16mm film cameras, is now offering a digital motion picture camera that not only captures in true 1920×1080 HD, but stores those frames as individual 12-bit RAW, DNG or TIFF files.

The camera uses proprietary 80GB memory cartridges that can record at 240MB/second and have the capacity to store about 12 minutes of footage, audio and metadata. It also features a Super-16 sized sensor, which allows you to use pre-existing Super-16mm lenses. The frame rate can be adjusted between 1-60 fps and on-set monitoring can be accomplished with either a standard video connection or HDMI. The preliminary pricing for the A-cam dII is around $9,800 which includes a battery, a 9mm lens and one of the 80GB memory cartridges. Not too shabby.

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