IKEA Is Rolling Out Furniture Specifically For Pets

We love our pets so much that we put trackers on them for their safety, so it makes sense that we spoil them. In a brilliant move, IKEA, the meatball store that also sells furniture, is producing a line of furniture specifically made for cats and dogs. The line, named the Lurvig, (it’s even got its own Swedish name) includes a little dog/cat sofa and a dog bed frame. It’s just so little and cute.

The best of the lot has to be the ‘cat house on legs with pad’. It is without a doubt, the most post-modern piece of cat furniture you can put in your house, like it crawled out of the 60’s. Overall, the set actually looks really nice, and should fit with just about any home décor. But what do I know, I’m a tech writer not a home decorator.

This seems like a great move by Ikea, but if you really loved your dog, you’d just let him sleep on the couch.