iHome iH20W Water Resistant iPod Speakers

iHome iH20W Water Resistant iPod Speaker (Image courtesy iHome)By Andrew Liszewski

Is there anyone so addicted to their iPod that they can’t survive the duration of a shower without one? It seems so otherwise products like the iH20W wouldn’t exist. It’s a water resistant speaker that will hold most of the recent iPods including the 5G, 4G, Nano, Photo and Mini.

It includes basic controls on the outside allowing you to skip tracks on the iPod or adjust the volume. The speakers can also be used with non-Apple MP3 players but you won’t be able to control those devices while they’re sealed up inside. The iH20W can be powered by an AC adapter if you’re looking to make your showers more dangerous or 4 AA batteries if you want to play it safe. You’ll also want to note the iH20W is advertised as ‘water-resistant’ as opposed to ‘water-proof.’ So while it’s probably fine for use when showering or outdoors where it might get splashed you’re going to want to avoid submerging this thing in the bathtub or pool.

The iH20W is currently available on the iHome website for $79.99. Also I’m going to go out on a limb and predict the company will be producing a shower-safe housing for the iPhone once that’s released because why should we be limited to just listening to music while we’re in the shower?

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