iGrill (Images courtesy iDevices)


iGrill (Images courtesy iDevices)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are plenty of recipe or restaurant finding apps for smartphone-toting foodies, but iGrill is one of the first that can actually help when it comes to cooking. The free app connects to a Bluetooth-equipped temperature probe base station and allows you to monitor the temperature of something on the grill from up to 200 feet away.

The probe also works as a standalone temperature monitor, complete with an easy to clean touch interface, but the real fun comes when you use it in conjunction with the iPhone or iPad app. Not only does it let you monitor the temperature from afar, but it also provides intelligent cooking time estimates based on what type of meat you’re cooking, and how big the carcass is. The iGrill is available now for $99.99, with additional probes, which can be used simultaneously, costing $19.99 each.

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