‘Ignore No More’ App Gives You the Power to Lock Phones Remotely

Ignore No More App1


Nobody likes being ignored, especially mothers. Unfortunately, kids (and even hubbies) these days ignore parents or their SOs for one reason or the other. Sometimes, it’s understandable. Other times, it causes undue panic because one party might assume that the other is in trouble. With this premise, Sharon Standifird created Ignore No More.

It’s an app that locks a paired device at the push of a button. The app has to be installed on both “parent” and “child” devices in order for it to work. (In some cases, that could be “wife” and “husband” or “girlfriend” and “boyfriend.)

Ignore No More App

The “parent” phone can be used to trigger the lock on the “child” devices, restricting the latter to emergency calls and other contacts whitelisted by the parent. Once the child phones the parent and all is well, the parent can then enter the master password to unlock the device.

Ignore No More is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for $2.

VIA [ Technabob ]