iFeelU Force Feedback Earphones May Snap Your Neck

iFeelU Earphones

By Evan Ackerman

Fine, they won’t really snap your neck, but at least they’ll make your ears tickle, and that’s gotta be good for something. The iFeelU EX2 2.2-channel “Body-Sonic Vibration Ear Wearing System” uses two speakers in each earbud; I’m guessing that the second speaker at the back is actually more of a mass driver, producing vibration rather than sound. According to Gizmodo, who got some eartime with them, “for explosions and other big booms, these things are surprisingly great, with solid feedback and definite in-ear quakage [sic].” They may not be as great for listening to music, although it looks like you can adjust the strength of the vibration separately.

They should be available not too long from now for about $40 a pair; for that amount, it might be fun to pick some up just to see what they can do.

[ iFeelU ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]