If Anyone Has A Moto Mod Phone You Can Buy A Polaroid Instant Printer Attachment

Motorola seems to really want Moto Mods to work. Some of the mods you can already buy include a JBL speaker, a 360° camera, and a gamepad. But it seems they’re not done there, as they’ve announced new mods made by Lenovo which includes a Polaroid instant camera mod.

With the Polaroid attachment, it seems like you’ll be able to print out any photo instantly as opposed to printing photos that were just taken. They’ve also announced an Alexa speaker attachment that is said to work like an Echo when the phone is placed screen-down on a surface. Or, you know, the Dot is also super cheap.

Look, Motorola is doing their thing and that’s great, I’m just not sure how much value is in phone attachments that will be unusable after you move on to a new phone.

They’ll be available this holiday season. No word on price, but most mods seem to range around $80+ and that’ll be a lot to ask for gimmicky Polaroid instant printer, especially when you can buy the new OneStep 2 Polaroid Camera for $100 which has been reviewed as a fun Polaroid camera.

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