iDesign SongView iPod Alarm Clock

iDesign SongView (Image courtesy Brookstone)By Andrew Liszewski

The iPod alarm clock market is pretty crowded these days, but once in a while you stumble across a design that manages to spice things up. Case in point, the iDesign SongView. Its most obvious and noticeable feature is a 1.3 inch scrolling pixel display around the base which rotates between the date and time as well as the current song, artist, playlist and album if you happen to be listening to a song from your iPod. This allows you to see what’s playing (or what time it is) even if you’re across the room.

The SongView (oh, now I get it!) comes with a remote for controlling the volume, skipping tracks as well as various alarm clock functions, and it also includes the necessary line out and line in jacks for connecting it to external speakers or hooking up a non-iPod MP3 player. And it’s currently available from Brookstone for $99.99.

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