Ideal Timepiece Is A Neato iPhone Dock

By David Ponce

The ecosystem built around the iPhone never ceases to grow and that produces a lot of crap products. But every now and then one comes out that stands out for one reason or other. We’re not saying the Ideal Timepiece being discussed here is life altering, but it is one of the better looking and fully featured docks we’ve seen in a bit. For instance, it has a sound channel that lets you make phone calls and use Siri easily, routing your voice right to the iPhones mic. There’s also a resonance chamber that amplifies the sound coming out of the speakers so you can hear it from further away. And at the back there’s a wire management system for when you want your phone plugged in without cable clutter on your desktop. Finally, there’s a clock app which displays the time when you’re not using any other feature on the phone.

Now, this is all fine and dandy except you can’t buy it just yet. It’s going through its Kickstarter campaign and has raised practically no money at the moment. There are 50 early backer models pre-selling for $89. The price goes up somewhat after those are sold, with expected retail for the Classic model at $159, which is steep. So get in now if you’re interested.

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