iConvert Lets The iPad Scanning Frenzy Begin

iConvert Lets The iPad Scanning Frenzy Begin

By David Ponce

I’m being overly enthusiastic here. I mean, lets face it: who still has paper?… Well, ok, maybe a couple of you still do, and I guess that’s why the iConvert exists. I guess my point is that no one is excited about paper; it’s just one of those figments of a distant past we still have to live with. And for as long as this is the case, and people are still buying iPads, there might be a place for this portable scanning machine. Simply dock your tablet, launch the app and scan. The feeder tray accommodates paper between 2 and 8.5 inches so letters down to small photos can be scanned with ease. It’s done at 300dpi and the images are saved in your photo gallery, in JPEG format.

It’s $150 and ships in February.

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