iChime Digital Doorchime

iChime Digital Doorchime (Image courtesy iChime)
By Andrew Liszewski

I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I discovered there was a device that allowed people to use the same annoying ringtones they have on their cellphones, for their land line phones. But mankind seems adept at finding new ways to annoy each other, and the latest weapon in that arsenal would have to be the iChime. It replaces the standard ‘ding-dong’ of your doorbell with a pre-recorded song, sound effect or message of your choosing.

The device easily integrates with your existing wired door chime system and features a 2 wire ‘no mistake’ installation process that I’m sure people will still screw up. The control panel/speaker is where you actually make the recording, either through the built-in microphone or a line-in jack for hooking up an MP3 or CD player. It’s limited to just storing six-custom chimes at a time, but you can re-record them whenever you need. A USB connection and the ability to upload sound files directly to the iChime would have definitely been preferred, but their website actually spins that con as a pro, claiming it doesn’t need complicated USB software. So your potential clients can’t handle a USB connection, but they can install and properly wire their own doorbells?

You can order the iChime directly from the manufacturer’s website for $89.95. It also supports auxiliary speakers that can be installed in other rooms, and they run $24.95 each.

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