iCelsius Thermometer Plugs Into Your iDevice

iCelsius Thermometer Plugs Into Your iDevice

By David Ponce

Yet another old world instrument falls prey to the hungry Apple machine, needlessly reinventing itself simply because it can. Thermometers have been around for a while and are pretty good at what they do already. But with the iCelsius Pro thermometer probe, they now can do even more. Like provide precise temperature readings with a high sampling rate over a long period of time. This allows you to create graphs, setup alerts and even export your temperature data so you can pore over your fluctuations in endless geek-worthy detail. Granted, the fact that the iCelsius Pro can provide accurate temperature readings in the ranges of -22 degrees F to 302 degrees F (-30 degrees C to 150 degrees C) means it can be used with more than the human body. This does in fact make it marginally more useful than a traditional thermometer.

It’s $54 and will ship in a couple of weeks.

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