Iceberg Lettuce Safe

Iceberg Lettuce Safe (Image courtesy Bim Bam Banana)By Andrew Liszewski

Now does that look like anything other than a regular head of Iceberg lettuce? It shouldn’t and that’s the whole point behind this unique safe designed to protect your smaller valuable items. While the thieves are looking for fake books, fake pop-cans or even fake power outlets I sincerely doubt it will ever cross their mind to look in the crisper section of the fridge for fake vegetables.

The bottom of the head of lettuce has a 1.75 inch opening that snaps off to reveal the secret hiding place inside. While it’s not exactly a lot of space it can easily accommodate cash, jewelry, a handful of diamonds or even a flash drive as long as it’s designed to survive the cold temperatures. (Remember a head of Iceberg lettuce sitting on your computer desk could be a giveaway as to its real use.)

The Iceberg lettuce safe is available from Bim Bam Banana for $49.

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