Ice Cream… Pooper Scooper

You know… “pooper scooper” is the term I (and a million other people) use for the little spoon I use to clean my cat’s litter. However, it seems it’s taken on a whole new meaning now.

A few weeks ago, a Taiwanese restaurant made the rounds of the blogosphere for providing toilet seating to its customers. Still incandescent from all the attention, thee have been a few spin-offs, the latest one of which comes from a small operation in one of south Taiwan’s night markets in Chiayi City, where a pretty woman runs a “squat toilet cup ice cream” dispenser on one of the main shopping streets in town.

Yeah, so, you get your ice cream in a scoop, that’s really a pooper.

Just thought you’d find it interesting. Story VIA BoingBoing.

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