iCarrier Speaker Tower for your iPod

icarrierSeems everyday we have our token iPod product. That’s okay. I love my little white box. This time it’s a product from company Ignitek, called the iCarrier.

As you can see, it’s a specially designed set of speakers with subwoofer, drivers and tweeters. The whole thing pumps out a somewhat less than impressive 45W, 20 of which go to the woofer. It comes with a remote control that presumably is able to interact with the iPod.

So, technically speaking, this isn’t anything to write home about. What’s special is really just the way it looks and the way it’s been designed, sort of as an iPod throne. It looks just like the sort of thing I wouldn’t mind having hanging around in my apartment, looking pretty.

Today is a sad day though, as prices have seemed to makes themselves particularly elusive, even in this case. The website is here Story VIA Techie Diva.

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