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iCarpus Stand Works With A Plethora Of Handheld Devices

iCarpus Stand (Images courtesy Visual Factor LLC)
By Meg Lynch

A lot of accessories for handheld devices like smartphones are designed to work with a specific model, and even if you're a die-hard iPhone or Android loyalist, you're not going to be using the same handset your entire life. And that's part of the reason we like this iCarpus stand so much.

In essence it's just a big spring loaded clamp that can grab onto any device small enough to fit into its grip. The edges are coated with a non-slip rubber to protect your gear and prevent it from sliding around on a table, and when not in use it folds down flat and is easy to stash in a pocket. The other reason we like it? It's just $12 currently being sold through Amazon.

[ iCarpus Stand ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

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