iBox Sound Enhancing iPad Stand

iBox Sound Enhancing iPad Stand

iBox Sound Enhancing iPad Stand (Images courtesy Etsy)
By Andrew Liszewski

If there ever was a reason to learn how to use power tools and/or visit your local Home Depot, here it is. Now I’m not saying the $25 that Etsy seller ‘madebycosmo‘ is asking for what is essentially an unfinished box is outrageous or anything, but I’m pretty sure you could whip one up yourself for a lot cheaper than that.

In fact, the iBox is made from reclaimed wood (read: free) found in and around Minneapolis, so you could do the same and not even have to spend money on raw materials! Other features of the design, which I’m sure were discovered after it was built, include a convenient place to store the charging cables and the fact that the addition of the side board “amplifies sound to maximize listening experience.” Hmm, what other features can we see here? Can be re-purposed as fire starting materials in an emergency I guess. Oh and it doesn’t look that portable, so it will always be easy to find in the last place you used it!

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