iaPeel Inkjet Printable iPod & iPhone Skins

iaPeel Inkjet Printable iPod & iPhone Skins

iaPeel Inket Printable iPod & iPhone Skins (Images courtesy iaPeel)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not an advocate of mucking up the iPhone’s beautifully simple aesthetic with bulky cases or vibrant skins and decals, but if you feel you must customize your phone to stand out in the crowd, these new iaPeel Skins are definitely one of a kind. And how do I know that? Well it’s simple, they actually let you design and print your own custom skin, right from your home inkjet printer.

Special included software ensures that your design is always the perfect size, and it will even create a custom wallpaper (if your device supports that) so your graphics appear uninterrupted across the display. When you get tired of the design, the synthentic material is easy to remove without leaving a sticky residue, and I particularly like the pop-up guides on the back of the printed labels which ensures a perfect application every time. As for pricing, well the starter kit for the iPhone 3G, which includes 5 skins, is $29.95, with a 5-pack of additional skins costing $26.95. And that price point seems to be consistent for all of the iPods as well.

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  1. This is the coolest thing EVER! I love how personal this makes it, and how easily it can be changed to something else equally unique. This may be the best idea I've heard for cell phone accessories in a long time!

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