‘I Used To Be a Washing Machine’: Artist Turns Broken Appliances Into Chairs

Washing Machine Chair

Most people just throw out appliances that conked out rather than shell out some cash for repairs because the former seems like the more economical choice compared to the latter. But instead of sending your old appliances to the junk yard, why don’t you let your creative juices take over and turn it into something else that you can still use?

That’s what industrial art designer¬†Antonina¬†did with her project called “I used to be a washing machine.”

Antonina basically took an old washing machine apart and put everything back together to build a piece of usable furniture. She provides a step-by-step guide that anyone with the basic tools (and an old washing machine) can follow to put together their own chair. They don’t look like the most comfortable of chairs, but they’re definitely some of the most creative.

Antonina hails from Jesusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

VIA [ Dvice ]