I Shot the Mailman: Check Out This Giant .44 Magnum Mailbox

Gun Mailbox

Roger Buchko wants mailmen and delivery guys to pull the trigger every time they stuff his mail into the barrel of his giant .44 Magnum revolver mailbox. The massive letterbox–all 350 pounds of it–is set up prominently on his front lawn. Its barrel is made from PVC pipe and the entire thing is held into place by its even heavier 1,200-pound base.

Roger, who is a semi-retired cabinet maker, is a gun rights supporter, but he didn’t build the mailbox to make some sort of political statement. Rather, he decided to make it after seeing similar designs posted online. Or so, he says.

Gun Mailbox1

Roger spent four months putting the .44 Magnum mailbox together. When interviewed, he explains: “I  put it out there to try to get some work and because I needed a new mailbox. At least 500 people have taken pictures of it already. They love it. I haven’t had one hater yet, except one night somebody threw eggs on it. I’m lucky. I expected everybody was going to hate me but turns out everybody loves me.”

Well, good for him.

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  1. Even cooler version could be that when you open the mailbox door, either a little red flag pops out with BANG on it, and or, when you open the door, the hammer goes back and the cylinder rotates to a new shell.

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