i-Pocket, Driveless iPod Mini Clone

ipocketAh… the things you can get away with when you don’t set foot in America. Anyway, this is at least half a year old, but at least there are a couple of new details out. Taiwanese company ABOSS is selling, for all of $75, this blatant iPod Mini clone. What makes it so cheap, I imagine, is the fact that it has no hard drive at all. Instead, it has a slot for SD/MMC/MS/MS-PRO/MS-DUO memory cards.

Aside from that, it comes with all the standard features:

132×64 OLED 4 colors display
Plays MP3/WMA/WAV files
Build-in microphone for voice recording (WAV)
USB 2.0 port compatible with most PCs
5 pre-set EQ selections (DDB/POP/ROCK/CLASSIC/JAZZ)
3 repeat modes (REPEAT 1/ALL/10S)
Multi-language support
Adjustable background light
A-B repeat function for language learning
MEM FILES mode to program 16 songs
HOLD switch to lock interface

So yeah, if you have a bunch of memory cards around and want to have something that looks iPoddy, for less than $80 and happen to be in Taiwan, well this could be the thing for you. The company website is here. Story VIA Akihabara News.