I Love The Finger Keyboard, It’s So “Bad!”

By Jonathan Kimak

You may remember the Power Glove and it’s 90 minute commercial/movie called The Wizard. In it, badass villain Lucas shows off the Power Glove and all it’s magical game winning abilities. The movie was OK, the glove was crap. And now this finger keyboard comes along and I already think it’s crap before reading up on it.

The Finger Keyboard Gloves are USB powered gloves that can create music by tapping your fingers on any surface. Each finger creates a different musical note. There are multiple instrument voices that can be replicated and learning modes to help teach you how to use the gloves. The battery for the gloves can be charged via any USB port.

The price is $70 but I really don’t think these will be that big of a thing. For a hundred dollars more you can buy yourself or your kid a decent musical keyboard that would allow you to really learn how to play. Fame and rockstar status will then only be months(or decades or eons) away.

[ Fingertip Keyboard Gloves ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

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