I Just Bought Some Bacon Jam


By David Ponce

We love us bacon something rare. Doesn’t everyone? So what better than bacon jam? Bacon jam? Read on:

It is something we’ve been cooking up for a couple of years now on our trailers and for our burgers

…….we take a big bunch of really really good bacon, and render it down…add a bunch of spices..onions, etc..and let it simmer for about 6 hours…give it a quick puree, and blast chill it…and you have bacon jam..

It’s $12 per jar and it looks like they’ll ship just about anywhere. Link to gadgets? None, but it’s bacon so who the heck cares?

I just ordered three.

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16 thoughts on “I Just Bought Some Bacon Jam”

  1. Since you “ordered three” do you mind giving us a follow up on the product? I mean my geek loves bacon. (like you said, who really doesn't) So I think this would make a great neat, different gift for Christmas, for any bacon lover. Some questions I'd like answered are, how long did it take to ship? What kind of texture did it have? Compare to other jams, is it thick gel or real fruit jam like. The picture looks like it has a nice texture and isn't really gel substance, but pictures can be deceiving and they spend hours making the photo look good. How is the taste, salty, not really bacon like, or a nice blend of bacon and spices, none over taking the other?

    Thank you in advance if you do a follow up. If not, thanks for at least telling us about it.

  2. I ordered Bacon Jam a few months ago when they started selling online! It looks like something your cat threw up, and it smells like an old dirty kitchen, but the taste is unbelievable! Most people won't be able to handle the texture of cold, sweet bacon. If you have doubts, warm it up!

    It was tolerable on a spoon, right out of the jar.
    It was OK with peanut butter.
    It was pretty good on vanilla ice cream.
    It was fine on a wheat thin with some goat cheese.
    It was super when mixed with tuna and mayo and stuffed in a tomato.

    BUT… the BEST USE OF BACON JAM is on a sandwich with a thick organic tomato slice and some Miracle Whip. You could add lettuce, but it's not necessary. Just do it. It's amazing.

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