I Have The Panasonic LX1!

Story By Asim Waqar

A lot of buzz lately in the gadget and digital photography circles about the new, as-yet-to-be-released-in-the-US, Panasonic LX1 Camera. It boasts 8+ MP, Optical Image Stabilization, 16:9 Aspect Ratio (that’s right, 16:9 848×480 30 FPS video!), tons of manual options and the highest WAF of all my digital toys yet.

If you want to see the actual size and resolution of the above image (I am a rookie so that’s straight out of the box, point and shoot) click here (this jpg is about 4MB but the original RAW is 16+ MB). If there is enough interest, let me know and I can take some images/videos and share. No requests for unethical images, I only use DSLR’s for that.

For more hands-on impressions, and purchase locations, come inside.

My wife will not give it back, so for now it’s a solid, solid camera with GREAT images. Everyone kept saying there was alot of noise at high ISO’s. Consider that my last 5MP camera resulted in about 50% of my shots being useless because of shaking hands. I am batting 100% so far with this puppy, and I do not work for National Geographic. What noise?

Finding the camera in the US was not easy, but I had a GREAT experience with Tony over at popflash.com . Not only do they have them in stock, they are very knowledgeable and helpful. Product comes brand new with English manual and our (better) plugs for the wall, plus the full Panasonic warranty.

$575 at Popflash product page.

Update: Okay, so the video’s been posted, if you missed it, here.

5 thoughts on “I <strong>Have</strong> The Panasonic LX1!”

  1. I have had my LX1 for three days and love it! I agree that the results aren’t great at 400 ISO, but I don’t need 400 ISO for the kind of shooting I plan for this little gem! It’s a jewel of a camera…beautiful instrument…and takes gorgeous photos. Check out http://www.pbase.com/cokids/lumix. I needed a camera that would pop into a pocket and take photos worthy of sale on stock. This one is IT! Love it!!


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