I Bet MacGyver Has A Pair Of These

I Bet MacGyver Has A Pair Of These

By Jonathan Kimak

So Japan has gone and created some multi-functional shoes and what I’m really thinking about is that I need to come up with a more modern reference than MacGyver.

But back to the shoes. The shoes are dubbed Emergency Shoes and are built to help you out during an emergency. The shoes are stiff enough to withstand falling objects or a stampede of people running over your feet. Strengthened soles that are 0.45mm thick allow you to walk on rough debris like broken glass without harming yourself.

The shoes also have LED lights on so that you can navigate around in the dark and have power to last 20 hours.

Each shoe weighs just under 1 pound for a 9.5 size shoe. The cost for the pair is $90 and also includes a vinyl bag with a whistle and hand towel.

The pressing question now is who to use as a modern reference?

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9 thoughts on “I Bet MacGyver Has A Pair Of These”

  1. Marty Mcfly would've do it. His shoes didn't look like that in “Back to the future 2”, but i'm sure some random folks in the street had a pair of thoses.

  2. I think you are ok with MacGyver… if I am not mistaken a new movie is in the works… yup with Richard Dean Anderson. I wonder if they will use the original score? hehehe

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